In 2013, the government of Ghana and the Ministry of Finance introduced a policy of three months arrears payment policy which affected wide range of Ghanaian Teachers across the country.

The harsh nature of this policy resulted in the formation of a pressure group known as Victims of Three Months Arrears Pay Policy (V3MAPP) who felt the government had been unfair to them. The group alleges among others that teaching in Ghana has not been palatable since successive governments decided to subject teachers to several harsh treatment from training to practice. They staged regional demonstrations and virtually became a pressure group with many write ups and press releases to demonize the policy and to battle the teacher unions who have failed them woefully.

It is in the midst of these turbulences and demand for the payment for teachers’ arrears that the idea for the formation of All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) became necessary. ATAG was born in May in 2016 and became a fully-fledged union in September the same year.

ATAG received a full recommendation from the Ghana Education Service in October 2017 to augment its trade union status to the controller and accountant general’s department to enable her join the existing unions on the epayslip.

We believe strongly that the grassroots teachers had been ignored as their collective interests are not represented. We also believe teachers’ dues and funds are not managed to be benefited fully by them but rather use it to increase their burden through insatiable loans. The rights of teachers are constantly abused without protection and teacher standard of living continues to dwindle on continuous basis.

ATAG has the sole aim of empowering teachers and safeguarding their interest at all cost deviating from the traditional way of managing the affairs of teachers into teacher centered programmes and policies.

ATAG is now the fourth union adding up to the existing unions namely GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT.

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